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Saddle up and join us!

Want to Stay Healthy and Save Lives? Join Our El Tour de Tucson Team!

The Tucson Riders 4 the Cure are supporting St. Elizabeth’s Breast Cancer Treatment Program! We are passionate about helping breast cancer patients who are uninsured. Ride in El Tour  and help save lives right here at home.

Forms will be available online in 2019.

Who We Are

We are a Tucson, Arizona based bicycle group encouraging riders of different ages and levels. With weekly long rides on Sunday as well as shorter rides throughout the week, there is never a shortage of a fun time. We ride to raise awareness for breast cancer research with an annual fundraiser for El Tour de Tucson. What’s raised by our group stays local!

We are young and we are not so young. We are women and we are men. We are dedicated and we are passionate. We are seasoned athletes and we are novice riders. We climb with determination and we descend in exhilaration. We Ride 4 the Cure.

Group rides and good times. Pedal power and pace lines. With gears whizzing and wheels spinning over never ending roads, one click shifts our endorphins into overdrive. We crank out mile after mile as we ride towards our goals of generous giving and personal achievement.

Come join us. Better yet, come join the cause. Saddle up, clip in and be a part of riding 4 the cure.


Group Rides

Weekly Rides:

The Riders 4 the Cure El Tour group meets year round with long bike rides on Sunday mornings. Our mileage varies and our A, B & C groups vary in speed (see El Tour training group information below).

To get on our email list, please post a message on our Facebook page, or email us at tucsonriders4cure (at) gmail (dot) com and we will add your name and email to our weekly ride and event email.


El Tour Training Series:

The Riders 4 the Cure El Tour Training Schedule will begin in August and is led and coached by volunteer Ride Leaders. Our team includes Competitive (A Group), Non-Competitive (No Drop B and C Groups) and Beginner training rides. The group proficiencies are described below. Please choose a ride group that best suits your riding skill level.

The Competitive Group Ride (A Group): This group assumes a steady, yet moderate to fast tempo with minimal stops to regroup, and utilizes group riding techniques. Riders should be comfortable riding as a cohesive group and have solid bike handling skills. Riders should be able to average speeds between 18-20+ mph for distances greater than 35 miles.

The Non-Competitive Group Ride (B/C Groups): These groups assume a moderate tempo with stops as needed to regroup. These are “No Drop” group training rides. Riders should be able to average speeds between 16-18 (B) and 12-14 (C) mph for distances greater than 35 miles which prepares you to complete the 25- 40- 55- or 75-mile El Tour.

The Beginner: This group will assume a gradual tempo with stops as needed and focuses on learning group cycling techniques, group riding etiquette and building comfort on the road. These are “No Drop” training rides. Riders will train to easily manage 30 miles which prepares you to complete the 25- or 40- mile El Tour.

Starting times and locations for our training rides will vary. Weekly team emails will also be sent detailing more training day specifics including routes and distances. Team information and updates can also be found on Facebook at Tucson Riders 4 the Cure.

Join Our Team to Ride 4 the Cure!